2017 presentations

2017 Joint SASRI/CASI meeting, Gatlinburg, TN

Meeting program


  • Thirty Years of Red Spruce Restoration by the Appalachian Forest Experiment Station, 1921-1954. Jim Rentch
  • Soil and Ecological Findings int he Central Appalachian Red Spruce Ecosystem. S. J. Connolly and J.A. Thmopson
  • Rare and Endangered Wildlife of Appalachian Spruce-Fir Forests: Considerations for Ecological Restoration. Corinne Diggins and Mark Ford.
  • Headwater Channel Restoration as a Tool to Aid in Red Spruce Restoration. Pamela Edwards
  • Visualizing Spruce in a GIS. Mark Endries
  • Seasonal Occupancy and Activity Patterns of Appalachian Spruce-Fir Forests by Tree Bats. Mark Ford, Corinne Diggins, Sabrina Deeley.
  • Southern Highlands Reserve Native Plant Arboretum Research Center. Kelly Holdbrooks
  • An Approach to Assessing if Nutrient Base Cations May be Sufficient for Healthy Spruce-fir Forests. Bill Jackson
  • High Elevation Conservation on Grandfather Mountain. Mallory James
  • Spruce Restoration Beyond Planting Trees. Shane Jones
  • The Flat Laurel Spruce Collaborative. Chris Kelly
  • The Effects of Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and Air Temperature on Picea rubens Distribution: MaxEnt Modeling in a Small Forested Catchment. Adrienne Nottingham
  • Non-commercial Spruce Restoration: The Ecological Restoration Team. Ben Rhodes
  • Conservation of High-Elevation Red Spruce (Picea rubens) and Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) in the Southern Appalachians. Andrew Whittier, Robert Jetton, Gary Hodge, Barbara Crane